Tree Leaf Naturals is a family owned and managed small business specializing in soaps and body care products.

We are 3 generations of people who care about the ingredients that we put on our skin and we want to deliver the same quality ingredients to you, our customers. From researching and ordering quality raw materials to getting the completed product to your doorstep, we all have a part to play in the process.

All of our products formulated by us and are handcrafted, hand-poured and hand-pressed in small batches from our homes in North Texas. Because of the nature of hand-crafted products, no one product is exactly like another, providing unique products for each customer. 

Our products are always free from synthetic fragrances and colorants, phthalates and parabens and we strive to use only sustainable ingredients. 

We thank you for choosing us and we hope you love the difference that handmade makes!